Corporate Social Responsibility


Corporate Social Responsibility is our reality

Our firm contributes as much as possible to social needs, parallel to our people’s activities in their personal lives and the community at large. For us, Corporate Social Responsibility is not just a vague idea. It becomes a reality in our everyday lives. It's all about understanding social needs, identifying them and focusing on those areas that our experiences and beliefs can make a difference. This way we can achieve a positive impact on our society, hoping to turn into a positive chain reaction of corporate actions across the planet in changing our world.

Our CSR plan revolves around three pillars:


1. Community Caring

Our Community Caring pillar includes activities in the area of donations, sponsorships, volunteering and corporate leadership. We certainly receive and gain a lot from our public. But we have the obligation and responsibility to give back to our society in return. There is no greater satisfaction than seeing the results of your actions towards making this world a little better. Our Community Caring plans focus mostly on support towards people and groups in need of assistance. Whether this is financial, medical, psychological support or otherwise. We also promote volunteering activities that our people can get involved as much as possible.


2. Health, Safety and Environment

We expect the highest of ethical standards from our people. Our policies and procedures support our aim of acting with integrity in all aspects of our operations.

We maintain data covering health and safety matters as well as progress in fulfilling targets linked to continuous improvement and promoting a wider awareness of Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) issues. As an important part of our HSE plan, we are developing a health and safety training programme for our offices, which includes also “First Aid” training to people assigned as health officers. The plan reflects our intention to have all our employees work in an office based environment which results in a low eco-footprint.


3. Environment

We believe that we are taking appropriate steps to contribute to sound environmental practices, covering positive measures to establish and build on good working practices within our offices including actions in achieving efficiencies and reductions in energy (electricity) and water consumption as well as waste management. We remain committed to continuous improvement in the recycling of spent materials in our offices. Our people are actively encouraged to support such initiatives. We have long been committed to optimising the use of ‘greener’ materials in our offices. We recognise the importance of ensuring that our key suppliers have appropriate policies and practices on social, environmental and ethical matters. We organise occasionally activities that relate to environmental issues depending on yearly plans. We reaffirm our commitment in taking steps to mitigate against the risks relating to health, safety and environmental responsibilities.

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