Our firm contributes as much as possible to social needs, parallel to our people’s activities in their personal lives and the community at large.

For us, Corporate Social Responsibility is not just a vague idea. It becomes a reality in our everyday lives. It’s all about understanding social needs, identifying them and focusing on those areas that our experiences and beliefs can make a difference. This way we can achieve a positive impact on our society, hoping to turn into a positive chain reaction of corporate actions across the planet in changing our world.

We have embarked on some new paths in the most recent years, focusing our efforts in supporting our local communities, mostly in the countries where we operate. We pay particular attention in activities helping towards easing and improving living conditions of disadvantaged groups of children and adults. In the development of our country’s economy, our firm and our people. In the protection of our environment, our history and our culture.

Through the development of community partnerships, we are organising, sponsoring or participating in a variety of activities in our local markets. Events ranging from philanthropy, supporting the environment, volunteering and corporate leadership. Focusing always on protecting and sustaining a healthy environment for the future generations.

Our CSR plan evolves around two pillars:

Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Health, Safety and Environment

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